Insulated Glass

Are your windows cracked, foggy or filled with condensation?

At Franklin Glass, we understand that a broken insulated unit┬áneeds to be replaced quickly because they play a major role in cutting your home’s energy cost while also being better for the environment. We now manufacture them in our shop. Most units can be done same day in our shop.

Note: Units with grids or tempered glass require a longer lead time.

About Insulated Glass:

  • Insulated glass units consist of two panes of clear or low-e glass
  • Glass is separated by metal spacer
  • Spacer is filled with desiccant that absorbs moisture and keep windows clear
  • Edges are sealed with a primary seal of polyisobutylene and a secondary seal of silicone
  • Insulated units cut down on energy costs
  • Improved noise reduction
  • Updates appearance of your home

Advantages of Low-E glass

  • Low-e glass makes insulated units more energy efficient
  • Low-e glass has microscopic, transparent coating that reflects infrared waves (heat)
  • Low-e glass reflects the heat back into your home, reducing radiant heat loss thru glass
  • Low-e glass also prevents warm air from entering your home in the warmer months