Should I get ShowerGuard?

Should I get ShowerGuard?

When deciding on a new glass shower enclosure one of your choices is whether to choose ShowerGuard. ShowerGuard glass is coated with a patented technology that creates an invisible protective barrier that seals the glass against corrosion, scum, and stains. The sputtering coating technology fills peaks and valleys that occur naturally in the glass creating a smooth surface that is highly resilient to hard water, dirt, and soap build-up that can dull and etch regular glass. We are proud to offer ShowerGuard in Clear and Low-Iron.

ShowerGuard Clear Image

ShowerGuard Clear: The original choice for showers that stay beautiful.

ShowerGuard Clear is a permanent protective coating that is applied during manufacturing. The coating creates no difference in clarity and provides the same ease of cleaning as regular glass.

ShowerGuard Low-Iron Image

ShowerGuard Low-Iron: The low-iron option for stunning clarity.

ShowerGuard Low-Iron provides the same permanent protective coating as ShowerGuard Clear but has higher transparency that neutralizes the green tint of standard glass. Low-Iron allows the design and color of your bathroom to shine through and opens your space up visually.

Since ShowerGuard protects against hard water, heat, and soap, cleaning is a breeze. In independent laboratory testing, ShowerGuard remained better protected than competitive products after being exposed repeatedly to hard water with dissolved silicates. ShowerGuard is backed by a lifetime limited warranty and does not break down or need to be reapplied like spray-on products.

ShowerGuard: For Glass that Looks Like New for a Lifetime.

Check out our ShowerGuard Brochure

Still uncertain which option you should choose or if ShowerGuard is right for you, we would love to help you decide!

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